Academic Writing: The agony!

As defined by most books and articles, academic writing refers to a particular style of expression that researchers use to define the intellectual boundaries of their disciplines and their areas of expertise. It is conducted in several sets of forms and genres.

What are the characteristics of academic writing?

  1. Must at all times be in a formal tone.
  2. The use of the third-person rather than first-person perspective.
  3. The facts and figures should be given precisely with a clear focus on the problem presented  and an accurate choice of words.
  4. Be objective rather than personal. Having said that, nouns and adjectives are most likely to be used rather than verbs and adverbs.

I do love writing! I write not for the purpose or intention of being published or read, I simply just want to express myself. Whenever I write, I feel like I am true to myself. However, this is not true in academic writing. LOL! There are actually a lot of DONT’s.

  1. At all times, avoid the usage of personal nouns. Do remember that it has to be objective rather than subjective.
  2. At all times, avoid directives (LOL, I just did). E.g. Do this… do that…
  3. At all times, avoid the usage of informal words, conversational tone, and using slangs and idioms. (Yes, IDIOMS!… I will explain soon).
  4. At all times, avoid being so WORDY. A famous Chinese proverb goes “In a group of many words, there is bound to be a mistake somewhere in them”.
  5. Never ever used numbered lists and bulleted items. Like never!
  6. At all times, do not draw upon personal experience. You can give out personal based examples but avoid being too ***** otherwise it may sound like story telling. Academic writing relies on evidence-based research.                                                                                                                              ielts1